How Smoking is Hurting Your Feet


While it’s widely known that smoking is terrible for your lungs, were you aware that it can hurt your foot health too? Given their distance from your heart, your feet already don’t experience the blood circulation many other body parts do. Add smoking cigarettes into the mix and you create a risk factor that considerably increases your risk of developing peripheral arterial disease. 

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

When an individual develops PAD, they experience varying levels of plaque build up in their arteries. Smokers are at much higher risk of developing PAD than non-smokers. Over time, this plaque build up can cause your arteries to become narrow and stiff, which has a negative impact on blood circulation to the feet. 

Potential Issues 

The circulatory issues that smoking can cause will take their toll on your legs and feet. There are a number of potential issues to be aware of that may indicate a circulatory issue, such as numbing of the feet. If you feel a numbing sensation in your feet, coupled with feeling coldness and unexplained soreness in your lower legs, this could indicate a circulatory issue. Have you noticed that you’re developing more scratches, blisters or ulcers on your feet? This may be a result of less blood circulation, which can cause your skin to be more susceptible to such issues. Paleness in your feet with some discoloration, such as blue and yellow patching, is also worth noting. 

Overall, when considering issues you may be having with your feet, it’s worth considering whether smoking may be a culprit. While some of the potential issues we’ve outlined above may seem minor, they can cause serious health issues if left unresolved. If you are considering quitting smoking, remember that doing so will have a positive impact not only on your overall health but on your circulation and feet, too! 

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