Athlete’s foot is a common foot ailment that affects many Americans. In short, it is caused when various types of fungus attack the skin and an infection develops. If you suspect athlete’s foot, you’ll likely feel burning and itching along the bottom of your foot or between the toes. It has also been known to cause scaling or redness.


Even though it’s relatively benign, at Precision Podiatry – the Austin foot and ankle specialists – we see many patients with this issue. Do not be embarrassed! If you struggle with athlete’s foot, Precision Podiatry recommends taking the following precautions to reduce the likelihood of it taking hold:


Do Not Walk Around Barefoot
Many cases of athlete’s foot are caused when someone walks around barefoot in a public place. This can include a locker room, swimming pool, or public showers. If you frequent these types of spaces, be sure to bring some common flip flops to use as “shower shoes” to prevent your feet from touching the bare surfaces.


Wear Well Ventilated Shoes
Fungus loves to grow in moist spaces. This can absolutely include shoes that are warm and moist with sweat. Your best prevention from athlete’s foot is to keep your shoes, socks, and feet dry. This starts with well-fitting, properly ventilated shoes. If you notice that your shoes are regularly soaked after a workout, then consider alternating shoes daily to ensure the shoes dry out before the next use.


Wear Sweat-Wicking Socks
Keep moisture off your feet with proper shoes – and with proper socks. If you struggle with sweaty feet, choose socks designed to pull the moisture away from your feet. After a workout, be sure to change your socks immediately to prevent the moisture from sitting against your skin. You can also sprinkle a little powder in your socks before putting them on to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


Wash Your Feet Daily
At the Austin foot and ankle specialists, we recommend washing and drying your feet thoroughly every day to prevent an outbreak of athlete’s foot. Fresh, clean feet are no match for athlete’s foot!


Do Not Share Towels, Socks, or Footwear
Athlete’s foot can commonly be spread by touching something with the fungus on it. If you frequent public locker rooms, showers, etc., do not share towels, socks, or other footwear with others to prevent the incident of athlete’s foot.


If you are concerned about athlete’s foot or suspect you have it, come see us at Precision Podiatry – the Austin foot and ankle specialists. We take great care in treating minor and major foot and ankle ailments and would love to help you get the relief you need. With 3 offices throughout the Austin area – Cedar Park, Round Rock, and River Place – we are here to serve you.

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