3 Common Pediatric Foot Issues

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While foot issues are most commonly associated with adulthood, children can suffer from foot problems as well. Apart from causing pain and discomfort for your child, a problem left untreated can lead to a multitude of other issues down the road. Three common pediatric foot issues we see at Precision Podiatry are flat feet, bunions, and plantar warts.

Flat Feet

Though foot arches form by the age of four or five for most children, if your child does not have any arches developed, you should consider having them visit a podiatrist. A solution as simple as custom foot orthotics may be all that your child needs to form foot arches and align the muscles in their feet. If flat feet are untreated, the issue could lead to a litany of other issues including but not limited to arthritis, hammertoes, and bunions.


While the word “bunion” may often be associated with older patients, children too can develop bunions. As mentioned above, flat feet that are left untreated can develop into a painful, bony bump. Bunions form as a foot attempts to overcompensate for the pain of walking with flat feet. Again, treatment for a bunion can also be as simple getting custom foot orthotics created for your child.

Plantar Warts

Highly contagious and spread by a virus, plantar warts need to be addressed as soon as possible. More often than not, children catch plantar warts from shared locker rooms and showers. Since it is caused by a virus, plantar warts can’t be treated with over the counter medicines. Treatment of plantar warts in your children will take several weeks as your child’s immune system will be fighting off the virus with the treatment.

If your child is suffering from any pain related to a foot problem, it’s best not to put off a visit to your podiatrist. Take a few minutes to request your appointment today.

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