3 Valuable Tips for Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries

You don’t have to be competing in the 2018 World Cup to sustain a foot or ankle injury. While being involved in sports might increase the risk of injury, the vast majority of our patients are not athletes. There are some simple precautions everyone, athletes included, can take to reduce their risk of foot and ankle injuries.


Buy the Right Gear

While we aren’t suggesting that you dole out hundreds of dollars on name-brand apparel, it is important to have the appropriate footwear for your chosen physical activity. The shape of your foot and arch of your feet are just two factors that can impact how much support you need in your shoes. Regularly replacing worn out gear is also a wise best practice, especially for those who are highly physically active. Avid runners should consider replacing their running shoe at least every six months as tread wears out.

Don’t Skip the Warm Up

We know how busy our patients are and how hard it can be to find time to squeeze in physical activity. Limited time makes it especially tempting to hop on that treadmill and crank up the speed to get a quick work out in sans warm up. As hard as it can be make time for a warm-up, your friends at Precision Podiatry highly recommend that you slow down and warm up sufficiently. An adequate warm up will get your muscles appropriately stretched out and ready for the rest of the workout. Your warm up doesn’t need to take more than a few minutes.

Don’t Delay Seeking Medical Attention

Accidents happen and preventing foot and ankle injuries isn’t always possible. If you do injure your foot or ankle, it’s important to have the injury treated sooner rather than later. If you’ve treated the injury with sufficient rest, ice, compression and elevation and aren’t seeing any improvement, it may be time to see a provider.