3 Key Indicators It's Time to See a Podiatrist

Many of the patients we see at Precision Podiatry have been putting up with symptoms for months, if not years, on their own. While they’ve had some success in temporarily alleviating pain or swelling, we often hear that they wish they had come in to see one of our podiatrists sooner. How do you know when it’s time to come in to see a podiatrist? We’ve identified some key indicators that it’s time to get that first appointment on the books. 


Sudden Deformities

Any foot or ankle deformity that appears suddenly should be addressed immediately as it can be an indicator of a broader issue. Sudden redness, heat or pain in your foot should not be ignored. Left untreated, an issue that could have been effectively addressed by your podiatrist runs the risk of becoming permanent. 

Swelling and Numbness

Periodic swelling and numbness in your foot or ankle is not abnormal, especially among those who are inactive. What does create cause for concern is persistence in those symptoms, which could be a sign of a more serious issue such as nerve damage. 

Ingrown Toenails

Treating your ingrown toenail on your own puts you at far greater risk of complications such as infection, significant swelling and redness, to name a few. Don’t underestimate ingrown toenail symptoms, what often starts as minor pain that you can learn to live with can quickly become intolerable. 

Why continue to suffer with your foot or ankle issue when you can consult a professional to ensure that you are getting the most effective treatment for your issue?  Recognizing that the progression of sudden deformities, persisting swelling and numbness and ingrown toenails are all key indicators that it’s time to see a podiatrist. Call us or visit our website today to schedule your first appointment. 

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