How Senior Patients Benefit from Regular Podiatric Care

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As individuals age, issues related to feet and ankles are increasingly likely. Issues resulting from age such as poor blood circulation, dry skin, and bone density loss can all have a negative impact on foot and lower limb health. Regular visits to a podiatrist not only serve to maintain good existing foot and lower limb health but also prevent potential issues such as foot ulcers, corns, callouses, and infections, to name a few.

Assessments and Treatments

While it seems logical to wait for an issue to occur before visiting a podiatrist, a preventative visit can prove tremendously valuable in managing complications down the road. Your experienced Precision Podiatry podiatrist will complete an assessment of your feet and lower limbs and appropriately treat and monitor any issues identified. A treatment plan may be as simple as determining appropriate footwear to improve your stability and comfort or providing insights on foot hygiene best practices. Individuals who have chronic illnesses such as diabetes should prioritize visits to the podiatrist to ensure that complications resulting from chronic diseases are prevented and managed as much as possible.

Long-Term Foot and Ankle Health

Foot issues that arise as individuals age can also be an indicator of an underlying illness. An experienced podiatrist can identify these potential issues while they are in their early stages, helping you manage your overall health. Many a diabetic has first been made aware of their illness from a routine visit to a podiatrist.

Don’t wait to break your foot before visiting your podiatrist. All in all, regular podiatric care can be tremendously valuable in not only improving your comfort levels but also preventing complications that can become debilitating issues down the road. To schedule an appointment with Precision Podiatry, contact us today.

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