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Playing a sport is an excellent way to maintain your physical health over the years. That said, it does present a risk: injury. If you hurt your foot or ankle playing your sport — or you have a child who sustained a sports injury — the team at Precision Podiatry is ready to help. At their offices in the Round Rock, Cedar Park, and the River Place neighborhoods of Austin, Texas, they treat a wide variety of sports injuries. Get support for a fast, full recovery by calling the office nearest you today.

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Sports Injuries Q & A

What are sports injuries?

Some sports injuries are obvious. You know it the moment it happens. One minute, you’re fine. The next, you’re in significant pain. You may have even heard a pop or crack, or be unable to put weight on the affected foot or ankle. These sudden-onset sports injuries are called acute injuries.

But they’re not the only type of sports injury. Injuries can also develop slowly over time as a result of the strain your sport puts on your body. These longer-lasting injuries are called chronic injuries. 

Whichever type of sports injury is affecting you, don’t worry. The team at Precision Podiatry is well-versed in treating a variety of foot and ankle injuries and helping you heal quickly and completely. 

Additionally, they treat individuals of all ages. If your son or daughter hurts their foot or ankle during sports, your Precision Podiatry provider is available to help them recover. 

What are the most common sports injuries?

Some of the leading sports injuries the Precision Podiatry team treats include:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle sprains
  • Foot stress fractures
  • Turf toe
  • Heel pain

This list is far from comprehensive. There are a number of ways you can get hurt while playing a sport. If you have chronic or acute pain in your foot or ankle as a result of your sport, don’t hesitate to talk to your Precision Podiatry provider about it. 

How are sports injuries treated?

At Precision Podiatry, your treatment is tailored to you, your injury, and your goals. In many cases, taking weight off the foot or ankle through rest, a brace, or crutches is enough to allow your body to heal the area. 

Your Precision Podiatry provider may also recommend certain stretches for the area, cortisone injections to relieve inflammation and pain, or other targeted treatments to help you heal. 

In some cases, surgery is necessary for a full recovery after a sports injury. Fortunately, the surgeons at Precision Podiatry are experienced in treating sports injuries. What’s more, they have expertise in minimally invasive surgery, helping to shorten your postoperative recovery period — and discomfort during it.

To learn more about the sports injury treatment options available at Precision Podiatry, call the office nearest you today.