5 Things You Should Do Daily to Care for your Feet

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Your feet are an often ignored part of your body, and yet, they set the foundation for all movement. At Precision Podiatry, we treat a full range of foot and ankle ailments including flat feet, bunions, hammertoes, plantar warts, toenail fungus, gout, diabetic neuropathy, and so much more. While not all foot issues are preventable, taking regular care of your feet can definitely add in keeping them healthy. Here are 5 things our team here at Precision Podiatry recommends you do daily to care for your feet:


Examine Your Feet for Issues

While you’re in the shower or before you go to bed, simply give your feet a closer look. Do you see peeling or scabbing? Are any of your toenails discolored? Any toes showing deformities? If you see any issues that look questionable, be sure to go see your local Austin podiatrist as soon as possible. 


Keep Your Feet Dry

Many foot issues begin with sweaty, wet feet. Be sure to dry your feet thoroughly after showers or baths and wear footwear that will prevent sweaty feet to begin with. Look for breathable socks that wick moisture away from your feet and don’t wear shoes or pantyhose that is too tight. Remove socks when sleeping to let your feet breathe and air out. 


Don’t Paint Over Ugly Toenails

That “ugly” toenail could be a sign of a more serious condition, so don’t rush to cover it with nail polish just yet! In fact, if you see cracking, peeling, or discoloration, there is likely a toenail fungus present and nail polish could actually make the issue worse. 


Trim Toenails

Speaking of toenails, as you are inspecting them, be sure to make sure they are neatly cut across and not too long. Avoid cutting your toenails too close to the skin, as this can create unnecessary cuts or ingrown toenails.


Wear Shoes that Fit

Did you know that most people wear the wrong size shoes daily? A shoe fits best when there is room for toes and feet to “breathe,” allowing you to wiggle your toes. Avoid prolonged periods in heels or other shoes that cause stress to your feet.


If at any point you sense there is an issue with your feet, do not delay in calling the best podiatrists in Austin at Precision Podiatry. Waiting to treat the issue can only make the issue worse, causing more complex treatment down the road.