How Lower Back Pain Can be the Result of Flat Feet

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Maybe pain in the hips, knees, or even ankles?


Have you ever considered that the root cause could begin with your feet?


At Precision Podiatry, we treat many patents for a common foot ailment called flat feet. Flat feet are often the root cause for other pain the body, you just have to know where to look to get to the bottom of it. 


What are Flat Feet?

Flat feet are just what they sound like – feet that lack arch support. A healthy arch keeps your body in alignment as you move. Many people are born with flat feet and might be treated for it as a baby or toddler. Others, may never receive treatment but their body compensates and no issues occur. Flat feet can also occur as you age. The flattening can occur slowly as your feet carry the load of extra weight or just wear and tear from years of use. 

flat feet.jpg


How are Flat Feet Related to Lower Back Pain?

Think of all parts of your body as connected. What one part is doing is not completely separated from what another is doing. Your feet are your foundation, so when they are not functioning as they should, the “tower” – aka your body, fails. When someone has flat feet, there is a tendency for their feet to roll inward, causing a disruption to the ankles. Some ankles handle it better than others, but overtime, the issue can work its way up to the knees, and knees are not meant to roll side-to-side. This causing knee pain. Once knees are off balance, the issues can get pushed up to the way the hips and lower back are handling the load. As you can see, health issues can develop from the ground up. 


If you are concerned that flat feet may be the cause of lower back pain, hip pain, or ankle and knee pain, then give us a call at Precision Podiatry in Austin, Texas. We are the best podiatrist in Austin with 3 convenient locations to serve you.