Why Your Favorite Heels Could Be Hurting Your Feet

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Most women love a good pair of heels. But did you know that your favorite heels could actually be hurting your feet? If you wear heels on a regular basis, watch for the warning signs that something more serious could be going on:


Generalized Pain 

 If you begin experiencing generalized pain on the bottom of your feet, it could be a condition called metatarsalgia. This happens when you wear away some of the thick cushioning on the bottom of your feet from overuse.


Twisted Ankle

Are you a wee bit clumsy? High heels are notorious for causing a twisted or sprained ankle due to an imbalanced step.


Tight Tendons

 When your foot sits an an elevated position for so long, it causes stress on the surrounding tendons. If you’re experiencing tightness in your tendons and ankles, then it could be a sign of issues with the shortening of your Achilles tendon.


Ankle Pain

Pinched nerves – such as Morton’s neuroma -  and heel spurs are common issues that can occur from wearing heels too often. If you begin noticing ongoing pain in the ankle or ball of your foot, then visiting with an Austin podiatrist is a must. 


Cosmetic Issues

Are you feet looking a little deformed? High heels may look beautiful when on your feet, but the feet inside may be more likely to experience hammer toes, ingrown toenails, or bunions when they are the footwear of choice. 


If you are experiencing pain in your feet or ankles – and often wear heels – then it’s time to visit with an Austin podiatrist and get to the root of the problem. Call us at Precision Podiatry for a consultation. With locations in Rock Round, Cedar Park, and River Place, there is sure to be an office near you! For the best foot and ankle specialists, come see Precision Podiatry!