What to Expect When You Visit Precision Podiatry

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Do you ever wonder what a visit to the podiatrist will entail?

We have met many patients who were suffering from chronic foot and ankle issues, but assumed their problem would heal on it’s own or were nervous to go see a specialist about the situation. 


Precision Podiatry deals with a variety of foot and ankle injuries – big and small – and a visit to our office is non-invasive and will get you on your way to recovery in no time. We treat ailments ranging from athlete’s foot, to warts, to heel spurs, to rheumatoid food reconstruction, to plantar fasciitis, and more. Read on to learn what a visit looks like when you come see us at Precision Podiatry in Austin, Texas:


The Initial Consultation

Prior to visiting our office, please feel out the New Patient forms to make your check-in process seamless and quick. At the consultation, our Austin podiatrists will evaluate your issue. They will listen to your concerns, ask questions about your medical history, evaluate the issue, and they might even order some additional medical tests depending on the issue. When you leave the consultation, you will have a better understanding of what you are dealing with and how to move forward with a treatment plan. Our goal is to provide the most minimally invasive route to healing. 


Additional Diagnosis

After the consultation, there may be additional appointments to firm up a treatment plan. These additional diagnostic appointments may include ultrasounds or lab tests. We strive to subject you to the fewest amount of appointments and tests, all while ensuring that you get the level of care and accurate treatment plan for treating your foot and ankle injuries. 


The Treatment Plan

Depending on your medical issue, a treatment plan may be issued the day of your consultation – or at a follow-up appointment after additional test results have come in. Treatment plans vary, and sometimes, require surgery. Rest assured that the doctors at Precision Podiatry are specialists in their field, with years of experience in surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Some issues may require a simple orthotic shoe insert, others a simple prescription for topical ailments. More complex issues like endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomies, ankle arthroscopy, and flat foot reconstruction may require surgical measures. 


If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, now is the time to visit us at Precision Podiatry. With offices in Cedar Park, Round Rock, and River Place, our Austin podiatrists are always just a short drive away.