How to Workout with a Foot or Ankle Injury - Precision Podiatry

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Foot or ankle injuries can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to maintain your fitness levels. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to work out safely with a foot or ankle injury, and at Precision Podiatry, we offer the following guidelines to our patients:


Rest is Crucial to a Foot or Ankle Injury

Foot or ankle injuries can often take especially long to heal because people refuse to get off their feet and allow the tissue to heal and rest. Depending on your specific injury, we may offer different guidelines, but in general, plan to be off your feet as much as possible in the first couple weeks after injury, even if you are bracing, taping, or in a walking boot. 


No Pounding Exercises

This may seem straightforward, but any exercises that put pressure and pounding on your foot or ankle are out of the question until you’ve been properly cleared of your foot or ankle injury. This includes running, jumping, walking, and some ellipticals. 


Recommended Low Impact Exercises

While high-impact workouts may need to wait until you’ve healed, there are workouts that work well for keeping your fitness levels up while you heal. A few we recommend are as follows:

·     Swimming: This low-impact sport is perfect for getting a full body, cardio workout. The specific workout can vary based on your injury, but there are numerous modifications that can be made to offer your foot and ankle support on the water. Also avoid strokes that require too much foot flexing and movement.

·     Heavy Rope Training: This workout involves sitting in a chair and working heavy ropes – or battle ropes – to get your cardio and arm strength up. Because you’re in a chair, this workout is perfect for most foot and ankle injuries.

·     Cycling: Cycling can be a great low-impact workout for those who crave cardio. Just be sure to let your instructor know about your injury and modify as necessary to accommodate your needs. 


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