Common Foot Ailments Treated at Precision Podiatry


The Precision Podiatry team is experienced in treating a wide range of foot ailments. This blog post is dedicated to considering a small selection of some of the common issues we see across our offices. 


 Developing slowly, a bunion left untreated can cause extreme pain and discomfort down the road. While mostly found in women and older individuals, we’ve seen people of all ages get bunions. Bunions are normally either caused by another medical condition of by poor foot function. If you notice a bunion, the sooner you have it treated, the more likely we can slow or stop its development. 


While some patients with flatfeet don’t experience any discomfort or symptoms, those that have no arch or a very low one may experience overpronation, a rolling of their feet to the inner side. Pain felt by those with flat feet is usually a cause of a straining of the ligaments or muscles but can also be felt in other areas of the body, such as the knee or the low back.  

Athlete's Foot

A fungal infection commonly found in clothing and floors, athlete’s foot is incredibly common. Most commonly occurring between a patient’ toes, some tell-tale symptoms of athlete’s foot include itching, stinging, and burning sensations. Fortunately, athlete’s foot is usually very easy to treat. 


If you feel pain between your toes when you’re walking, this may be an indicator of a neuroma. More commonly experienced by women, a neuroma can also cause tingling or pain in the ball of the foot and swelling. Similar to a bunion, if a neuroma is not treated it tends to get worse. 

Precision Podiatry has experience treating both common and uncommon foot ailments. Through surgical specialties, minimally invasive surgeries, and other treatment options. Contact us todayto book an appointment.