Protecting Your Feet This Spring


It’s official, spring has officially sprung throughout the United States! About this time of year, many of our patients take advantage of the seasonal transition to leave town for a spring break vacation. There’s no better way to put a damper on your travels than sustaining an injury on your way to, or during, your vacation! That’s why we’ve rounded up three simple ways to keep your feet protected this spring.

Preventing Blood Clots

Whether your trip entails an exciting cross-country road trip or a long flight across the Atlantic, limited movement may put you at risk of dangerous blood clots. This risk is especially relevant for patients that already suffer from poor blood circulation. Be sure to bring along any preventative medication you may be prescribed and be intentional about walking around whenever you can to limit your risk of blood clots.

Bandage Cuts and Sores

While it may be tempting to expose any injuries you may have to fresh, salty air – doing so may have a detrimental impact on their healing. Sand, glass, and particles can very easily get lodged in your injury and cause serious infections, especially if left untreated. It may seem like a paranoid move but bandage up any cuts or sores you may have to prevent them for unnecessary irritation.

Beware of Bare Feet

Speaking of cuts and sores, some of our patients have health issues that may make them particularly susceptible to both. Before you kick your shoes off to run straight into the salty sea, take a careful look around. Stepping on a shard of sea glass or a particularly hard shell is a recipe for an annoying injury.

Take the extra step to protect your feet this spring to ensure that you can focus on enjoying your spring break!

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