Is It Time to Schedule a Podiatrist Visit?

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It’s easy to ignore how much your rely on your feet until you have an issue that is limiting your activity or perhaps even making it hard for you to walk. You’ve tried rest and you’ve applied ice but the problem is still persisting, at this point you may be asking yourself if it is time to see a podiatrist. We’ve come up with a short list of potential foot and ankle issues that inidicate it’s time to get a visit scheduled.

Lasting Severe Pain

If you’re experiencing severe pain lasting more than a day, it’s important that you contact your podiatrist promptly. By helping identify the cause of your severe pain, we can work to mitigate your suffering and work through a treatment plan. Don’t wait for the pain to worsen to reach out to the Precision Podiatry team.

Non-Healing Sores

Having a wound that won’t heal on your ankle or foot is not only painful, it can lead to a bone or skin infection when left untreated. This is a problem we often treat for our diabetic patients who find that the healing process may take longer than for non-diabetics.

Flat Foot

A potential sign of a tendon issue, sudden flatness in one foot should be treated promptly to prevent potential long-term join damage. Ignoring a flat foot has the potential to cause arthritis when left untreated for long periods of time.

Activity-Related Pain

Rather than grinning through the pain you’re feeling during activity, visit a podiatrist. It’s possible that you may be suffering from a stress fracture that will only worsen if you keep straining it.

Scheduling a visit with your podiatrist can help ensure that your foot or ankle problem is correctly diagnosed so that you can have a treatment plan in hand and limit pain, discomfort, as well as potential complications.

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