Exploring the Potential Benefits of Foot Orthotics


Many a foot and ankle injury has been treated successfully without surgery. In fact, foot orthotics have become a common non-surgical option for our patients and can help with a wide variety of issues in the hips, lower back and knees.

What are Foot Orthotics?

Molded to your foot based on your individual issues and needs, foot orthotics are a device inserted into your shoes to support your foot. In some cases, foot orthotics can also assist by improving mechanics and can improve gait and posture. By impacting the way that you stand, these custom inserts can take added pressure and stresses away from you musculoskeletal system. They can also be used to treat a wide range of orthopedic issues and provide necessary stability and support. For those suffering from health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, foot orthotics are commonly used to address related complications. Foot orthotics aren’t simply used to treat problems like heel pain or shin splints, they can help reduce injuries from spots like skiing, cycling, hiking, to name a few.

Types of Orthotics

Orthotics can be custom molded or purchased off the shelf. Far from needing to be bulky and noticeable, a discreet for orthotic can be designed to fit even in a high heel pump. It’s worth noting that the effectiveness of your foot orthotic is also reliant on the footwear you are wearing. Be sure that the shoes you are wearing fit well are appropriate to your lifestyle, effectively supporting the types of activities you engage in.  

Before assuming that your foot and ankle pain can only be solved through surgery, speak to your podiatrist. At Precision Podiatry we work with patients to consider all non-surgical treatment options, including foot orthotics.

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