The Issue With Your Favorite Shoes

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If you’ve suddenly found yourself suffering from calluses, corns or other painful foot-related injuries, those shoes you’ve been rocking for nearly a year might be the culprit. Consistently wearing the same pair shoes has shown to cause a wide slew of foot and ankle problems and exasperate existing issues. The team at Precision Podiatry has rounded up some valuable considerations to keep in mind when considering the cause of your symptoms.

One Style is Problematic

Not rotating the style of the shoes you wear can cause major discomfort down the road while at the same time causing your foot to change shape. Women who wear flats on a daily basis, for example, will find the arch of their foot start to collapse over time while women who wear heels consistently can find their tendons permanently shortened. Wearing the same style of shoe also works the same muscles in your legs and feet, causing you to fatigue those specific muscles.

Excessive Sweating Ruins Shoes

Apart from wearing the same style of shoe day in and day out, wearing the same pair on a daily basis can also be detrimental. After sweating, it takes most shoes about an entire day to dry out completely. By wearing them on back-to-back days, you aren’t giving your shoes enough time to dry out, potentially resulting in a noticeable stench or the shape of your shoes to warp.

Identifying whether your shoes are the cause of your foot pain is an impactful first step to remedying your symptoms. If you find that your issues persist even after swapping out your well-worn shoes, there may be a more serious root to you issues. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of the experienced podiatrists at Precision Podiatry in Round Rock, Austin or Cedar Park, Texas.

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