Low-Impact Activities for Those with Foot and Ankle Injuries

When recovering from a foot or ankle injury it’s essential that patients do not exasperate the injury from strenuous exercise. That being said, one can still maintain fitness levels during recovery without having to completely stop any and all exercise. There are a number of low-impact activities you can participate in to accomplish an effective form of exercise.



Depending on the extent of your foot and ankle injury, swimming may be a viable recreational option and a workout. Using a pull buoy can provide any necessary support for your legs and increase reliance on your arms during your swim. You’ll likely want to avoid any strokes requiring excessive flexing of your foot, such as the breaststroke.

Water Aerobics

It’s no coincidence that the second activity we are recommending is also water-based. Aquatic activities are a very effective form of rehabilitation and low-impact activity while recovering from a wide range of injuries. The resistance provided by water will aid in improving muscle strength and flexibility. An added benefit to participating in water aerobics is that it’s a group activity. You may even make a few like-minded friends while exploring new activity options during your recovery!


If a high intensity cardio exercise is what you’re after, cycling might be just what you’re looking for. Significantly lower impact than jogging, this activity is accessible to most people with foot and ankle injuries. Be sure to let your instructor know if it’s your first class, they can help appropriately adjust your seat height to prevent potential issues like plantar fasciitis.

Depending on the specifics of your foot or ankle injury, you may be able to continue your current training program with some slight modifications. Be sure to voice any concerns you have when visiting your podiatrist.

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